Editorial-Starry Eyes

One fine morning I decided to do some portraits of my friend Ashlesha (glad she agreed finally) & this photo editorial is the result. Ashlesha always had a keen interest in writing. From being my college friend to now one of my muse, her life quotes always inspired me. Her serene beauty, mesmerizing eyes & her natural charm was all I wanted for this photo editorial. Well I won’t say much & can’t say much (I am not good with my writing, am just a photographer) all I hope that you enjoy my this attempt at black & white photography (I still love colors, but black & white is simply divine)

Styled & photographed by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Jewels by Voylla.com (every piece of jewel defines the mood of my dear friend)



Ashlesha Vashistha is a fashion designer by profession & writer by choice. You can follow her writings & life quotes on her blog at https://ashleshavashistha.wordpress.com/