Backstage- Abraham & Thakore – Vastra 2017

Designer-Abraham & Thakore

Event- Vastra International Textile & Apparel Fair 2017

Show director-Prasad Bidapa

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (15)
Model Raksha with Dewanshi.

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (8)

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (16)
Model Raksha Belliappa in a gold sari with a peter pan collared top.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (13)
Model Sangeeta Gharu.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (12)
Classic black & white cotton sari.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (10)
Model Payal Ponnanna Ballanda.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (11)
Glamour & gold goes hand in hand.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (14)
Model Chandini with Naina Khan.

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (9)

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (5)
Model Dewanshi Verma.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (3)
Stripe play.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (4)
Model Dhruv Soni in a striped khadi kurta.

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (1)abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (2)abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (7)abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (19)

abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (6)
Model Arry Dabas.
abraham & thakore -vastra 2017-jaipur fashion week -khadi (17)
Ending this post with this fun candid moment. Models Raksha, Arry & Dewanshi.


The final day of India International Style Week season 2 was a complete fashion extravaganza. From veteran to upcoming designers the show had it all. Top models like Carol Gracias & Lakshmi Rana graced the runway with Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse as showstoppers. The show also saw vivid range of color palette in the collections, from Chirag Nainani‘s indigo to Gazal Mishra‘s pastels to Niharika Pandey‘s quirky take on vibrant tones. The show ended with a thanking note by show director Abhimanyu Singh Tomar with event director Akhilesh Agarwal & promised for another fashion carnival in upcoming month of this year.

Here are some of exclusive backstage pictures shot by me at the final day of the fashion week to give you all a closer look at the collections. Also have a look at the runway images shot officially by photographer Jiten Agarwal here on his page

Text & photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.

Designer-Chirag Nainani
chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (2)
Model Akanksha Maurya
chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (4)
Model Siddharth Vijaivargia.

chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (6)

chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (1)
Model Priyanka Parashar.
chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (5)
Model Siddharth with Dushyant Katewa.
chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (7)
Model Kanchan.
chirag Nainani-Jaipur-iisw 2017 collection (3)
Model-Aishwarya Joshi
Model Akanksha Maurya.
Designer-Niharika Pandey
niharika pandey-quirky fashion-sequinned
Model Kanchan(left) & Monica (right).

niharika pandey (7)

niharika pandey (3)
Models- Akanksha Maurya with Kanchan.
niharika pandey (10)
Wild & untamed. Model Aishwarya Joshi

niharika pandey (9)

niharika pandey (4)
Model Bhanu Priya

niharika pandey (2)niharika pandey (1)niharika pandey (8)


Designer-Jaya Mishra
jaya mishra (2)
Royal & regal. Model Dushyant Katewa

jaya mishra -kolkata-lakme1

jaya mishra -kolkata-lakme
Model Preity Sinha (left) & Ishika Agnihotri (right)
jaya mishra (6)
Model Devika Das
jaya mishra hh
Model Akshay (left) & Ravi (right)

jaya mishra (7)


Designer-Geet Vaishakh

Geet Vaishankh mishra-iisw-jaipur fashion-indigo (1)

Geet Vaishankh mishra-iisw-jaipur fashion-indigo (4)
Model Devika Das.

Geet Vaishankh mishra-iisw-jaipur fashion-indigo (5)

Geet Vaishankh mishra-iisw-jaipur fashion-indigo (2)
Model Anjana.

Geet Vaishankh mishra-iisw-jaipur fashion-indigo (3)

Designer-Antara Goswami

chamkeeli-antara goswami-iisw-ekang events (3)chamkeeli-antara goswami-iisw-ekang events (2)chamkeeli-antara goswami-iisw-ekang events (1)

Designer-Anshu Raja Jain

anshu raja jain-virgin jewels-jaipur-iisw (1)anshu raja jain-virgin jewels-jaipur-iisw (2)anshu raja jain-virgin jewels-jaipur-iisw (4)anshu raja jain-virgin jewels-jaipur-iisw (3)

Designer-Gazal Mishra
gazal mishra-iisw (1)
Model Priyanka Khatri.

gazal mishra-jaipurgazal mishra-iisw (2)

Tourism Chic-Street Style India

Tourism chic has emerged as one of the biggest trends as far the recent european fashion weeks are concerned. Seems like ‘being unfashionable’ is the latest style on the runway. Whether it’s the classic khakis, colorful hawaiian shirts teamed up with flip flops or the casual travel ready look, the fashion inspiration for most of the recent  spring/summer 18 catwalk shows especially in menwear seems like inspired by this new trend.

I have been photographing tourists on the streets of Rajasthan for quite some time now as I find the clothes they put up as interesting & sometimes extremely stylish. More or less this style is definitely a stand-out one. So here are some of the trends I spotted on the local streets of Jaipur & Pushkar.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.

colorful shirt-hawaiian style-tourism chic- pushkar-street style
The loose fitted Hawaiian shirts are very common among tourists visiting India especially Rajasthan.
Bohemian Bag-jhola-street style india-colors
For an effortless bohemian look this local street bag is must. Also it allows you to carry so much of stuff while travelling, so it makes sense.
sunglasses-tourism chic- pushkar-street style
Beat the heat with these statement pairs of sunglasses.


Laid back is the new cool?
Messy hair.



Tribal inspired-hippies on streets of pushkar-street style
This look is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
When east meets west, the style magic happens instantly.

menswear-color blocking-street style-rajasthan tourism-firangs-tourist-tourism chic

That face!
Tourists in hat -jaipur-street style
The common accessories spotted on the streets of Rajasthan, includes hats & scarves for women & stack bracelets for men.

Gypsy Couple-street style india

Desi chic-firangs in kurta-style-tourism chic- pushkar-street style-bollywood
Reminds me of “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai”.
Indigo skirts-jaipur-street style
The power of color indigo, as it gets mixed with any style without making it visually loud.
kitschy jaipur skirts-street style-rajasthan tourism-firangs-tourist
For an instant standout look, opt for kitschy colorful skirts which are easily available on the local streets of Jaipur.
Men in Tshirt & shorts-street style india-tourism chic-trends 2017
The classic T-shirt with shorts look is still very common on the streets.

IMG_9522Tourists -jaipur-street style-PushkarIMG_9290IMG_9559

At last, Namaste!

Humans of Jaipur Design Carnival 2017

Photo series shot at Jaipur Design Carnival (13th & 14th May 2017)

Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Shot by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Ace designer Manish Malhotra talking about his love for designing clothes & Bollywood.
That smile-When one of the media member asked about how his mother inspired him. (Also it was mother’s day)
During his interactive session with students of Pearl Academy.
Manish Malhotra with Ramalingam Seetharaman, director-Pearl Academy, Jaipur.
Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy
Manish Malhotra with Nandita Abraham while appreciating student’s work at jewelry exhibition.


Candid moment.
Very graceful & gorgeous, Nandita Abraham.
Portrait-Craftman Hazarilal, Black Smithy.
Errol Pires Nelson teaching students the art of braiding.
“Talk of shining like stars and we Pearlites aim for the moon. An important affair – Pearl Academy’s very own Design Carnival hosted on May 13 – 14 was the perfect place to get a taste of innovation, direct insight to young minds with their work put up for discussions, taking up various interesting craft workshops and a lot more. The most ecstatic of them all being the theatrical act curated by the graduating batch of 2013-17 with their collections”.-Sonali Patel, graduating batch 2017.
Weaver at Jaipur Rugs workshop.
“It’s my first time in Jaipur & am very excited & happy with the kind of support Pearl Academy has shown in our craft Tangalia which is now a dying craft”- Baldev Bhai Rathod
The magical world of toys. Shot Lalon while he was having fun with his students during his Make & Learn Toys workshop.
Kavita Jain,  Facilitator of Lime Jaali workshop.
2X7A6944 copy
“I always had passion for something fresh and unique which i got to see during Jaipur Design Carnival.  I like the idea of how students got inspired by things around them and expressed their ideas in an innovative way which unquestionably inspired me”. –Akansha Chauhan, Pearl Academy Alumni.
“Tangalia weaving is 700 years old craft from Gujarat & am happy to share this art with students at Jaipur Design Carnival”- Abhinav, Craftsperson, Tangalia.


Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Faculty-School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles at Pearl Academy.

Backstage-DNA Fashion Connect

Pink city Jaipur witnessed another fashion extravaganza in form of season 1 of DNA fashion connect  which bought city based popular designers as well as upcoming designers on one platform to celebrate fashion & style. Fashion designer Gazal Mishra, Pooja Miglani, Suvigya Sharma, Karn Pratap Khuteta, Kirti Rathore &  Jaya Gajawat showcased the latest trends on the catwalk. The event also saw Bollywood actor Himansh Kohli, famous TV actor Aman Verma, Mr India finalist Bharat Sainani & top model Mudit Malhotra who walked the runway as showstoppers along with city’s popular faces Sangeeta Gharu, Dushyant Katewa & Priyanka Parashar. The show was directed by Abhimanyu Singh Tomar. Bollywood groovy tracks as well as international chartbusters like Cheap Thrills by Sia or Sorry by Justin Bieber were played on the catwalk.

Here I am sharing the personal portraits I shot at backstage (as usual) of the collection to give a closer look on details of the ensembles. While I was having fun shooting backstage, official photographer Jiten Agarwal was having blast shooting the runway (check the runway images on

Photographs & text by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.

Location-Grand Uniara, Jaipur

Designer-Suvigya Sharma
men in bandhgala-akshay rathore
Akshay Rathore
Model Dushyant
Mudit Malhotra
Dhruv Soni



Pooja Miglani
Aishwarya Joshi
Sangeeta Gharu


Manvi Saroya
Model Bharat Sainani for designer Karn Pratap Khuteta.
Gazal Mishra
anarkali-Priyanka Parashar-gazal mishra-jaipur
Priyanka Parashar
Antima & Priyanka
A happy selfie. Designer Gazal Mishra with model Aishwarya.
Jaya Gajawat
Sangeeta Gharu





Kirti Rathore
Royal & regal. Model Mohit
Men wearing statement jewels is a common sight in Rajasthan Rajput weddings.Model Vishwaraj


Model Dushyant Katewa.
Bollywood actor Himansh Kohli moments before the show.
Television actor Aman Verma joining the hand of designer  Kirti Rathore for the final bow.

Portraits-Happy Women’s Day

Celebrating women’s day with 15 stunning women I captured on the streets of India from all over the world.

Happy Women’s Day!

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (15)
elizabeth-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (9)

happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (7)

Ines-art curator-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (2)
Pallavi Chaturvedi-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (14)
Pallavi Chaturvedi
Katelyn-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (10)
Prerna Mehra-Bloggerhappy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (4)
Prerna Mehra
Lirminta-Fashion stylist-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (6)
Lerry Denny-nigeria-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (1)
Lerry Denny
happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (13)
Viji venkatesh-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (3)
Yamuna-photographer-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (11)
Nupur Paliwal-blogger-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (5)

happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (8)

Ghazelle-dancer-happy women's day-streets of india-women portraits-black and white-beauty (12)

Street Style-Rajasthan Heritage Week

Rajasthan Heritage Week

Place-Diggi Palace, Jaipur

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Models off duty.
The punk shoes.
Saagar Gera in black leather jacket styled with classic aviator shades.
Dewanshi Verma.
Mr.India Prateik Jain in printed mesh T-shirt & bright colored shorts.
Antima in striped top & denim shorts.
Supermodel Lakshmi Rana in black choker coordinated with distressed denims & cold shoulder top.
Svelte lady in beautiful black sari styled with vintage pair of glasses.
Rural woman from Rajasthani seen in traditional jewels.
Fashion photographer Haider Khan.


Rajasthani rural women in poshak (costume).
Bearded dapper. Vishwaraj Singh Lavera
Kanika Toure
Sharon Rose.
Pair your denim jacket with pop art printed skirt.
Tropical vibes. Model Sandy Malik
Model Bharat Sainani
Fashion designer Rohit Kamra wearing hat & kaleidoscopic printed shirt.
Dev Paimal.


Happy girls are the prettiest! Pragathi Belliappa
Tasseled outfit by designer Nivedita Saboo.
Swathi Bhandary.
Leggy beauty. Naina Khan
Model Lakshmi Rana with Saagar Gera.
Model Heena Bhalla making notes during fashion week rehearsals.
Sonalika Sahay.
Arry Dabas.

Best of Street Style-Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

It was 10th anniversary of the most awaited event of the year i.e. Jaipur Literature Festival 2017. This was my 5th year at JLF & I was very much excited, I was literally preparing for it for a week to be precise. The Lit fest plays a silent role in staging street fashion of people from around the globe & a great platform to exchange ideas with people from all walks of life. This year as I was shooting photo stories for various publications, that allowed me to meet like minded folks & to know a bit about them.

So here are my top 10 picks of best of street style at Zee Jlf. Please comment below & let me know your thoughts about this photo story.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.

Ghazelle, dancer. 
Ariel Dandelion, Artist from New Delhi, you can check her work here
Gita Vishwanath, Writer.
Suman Bajaj, Fashion designer at Suman Bajaj. This is a beautiful print melange of polka dots & alphabets, now you are ready to rock in a sari.
Anushka Seth. Who said black & tan can’t go together?
Inna Modja, Malian-French singer, find more about the singer here. The singer was seen rocking a red jumpsuit paired up with kitschy Jaipuri bag.
Nimisha Verma, founder of Home for Artists. From hair color to fringes to gypsy jewels, this jogan was talk of the town.
Pallavi Chaturvedi. Fashion Blogger at That Desi Girl
Priyasha Khandelwal, Style Blogger at Pout Out Proud. Well, I can’t stop clicking this beauty, completely picture perfect beautiful.
Protima Tiwary, Food & Fitness blogger at Dumbbells & Drama

Portraits-Jaipur Literature Festival

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival the annual literary festival happens every year in the heart of pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan. As the festival is just 3 days away so I thought this would be the right time to publish the portrait series which I shot last year in 2016. This year is going to be special as it also marks the 10th anniversary of the festival.There is something mesmerizing about the festival which drags me to Jaipur every year ever since I first volunteered in 2012. The people, the culture & the music everything is so perfect. Whether it’s the diggipuri chai, the venue diggi palace, clueless crowd or the beautiful voice of anchor Catriona Mitchell, I love everything about the festival.

Last year I thought to do black & white series of portraits capturing the important faces of festival in 2016 starting from the festival director William Dalrympal to controversial indian columnist Shobha De. I felt very lucky to capture these intriguing faces very closely. Every portrait is very special for me & I am very proud to share this photo series with all of you.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore


English comedian Stephen Fry.
Legendary photo journalist Steve Mccurry.
Transgender rights activist Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi
Scottish historian & festival director of Jaipur Literature Festival, William Dalrymple.
Columnist & novelist, Shobha De.
Writer & photographer Abeer Hoque.
A brief history of seven killings writer, Marlon James.
Actress & singer, Ila Arun.
Jamaican poet & fiction writer, Kei Miller.
Founder of Siyahi, Mita Kapur.


Street Style India-A Sari Story

Is sari age appropriate? Well there is no such term applicable here, whether you are young or middle aged or above, the sari is for everybody, it is a quintessential timeless piece in your wardrobe. Interesting part of sari is, it has a emotional value to it, like classic jewels saris too get transferred from one generation to another, from  “classy” grandmother to “elegent” mother to the “edgy” daughter . Young fashionistas these days are opting for desi cool rather than being uber chic, even for not so occasional events too. It is now a common sight to see young girls experimenting with hand-loom saris & drapes. Some prefer mixing it with western pieces & some keep it completely traditional. So I came to this conclusion that as far as saris are concerned age is just a number, so here is a photo series I shot at various places of India majorly New Delhi, Mumbai & Jaipur, that celebrates SARI for everybody (literally!)

Photographs & text by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.


Classic white Saree.
Saree with kurta blouse.
Solid colored bright tangerine saree with striped T-shirt.
Geeta Athreya.
The magic of silk. Shot at Jaipur Literature Festival 2016.
The modern indian women.
Saree with quilted jacket. Viji Venkatash at Zee JLF 2016.
A Sari for everybody.                                                                                                                                   Make up artist Jason Arland & Fashion Blogger Pallavi Chaturvedi of ‘That Desi Girl’ blog.
A closer look at the ethnic coined jewelry Pallavi teamed up with handloom sari.
The Badass Sari. Shot at Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai 2016.
Street Style Jaipur.
Who needs a petticoat (skirt worn under saree), when you have saree that shows legs for more glamour quotient.


The sophisticated drape.
Street Style Mumbai.
Poonam Sinha at Lakme Fashion Week
Love the entire styling , I must say this is so editorial, fashion stylists please make a note.
Rasna Bhasin, Social Media Influencer in designer Anavila’s sari.
Enter a caption
Ex-fashion editor of Marie Claire & the author of ‘The Powder Room’ Shefalee Vasdev in a parrot green leheria saree. (Leheriya is a traditional style of tie-dye practiced in Rajasthan)
Street Style New Delhi.