Humans of Jaipur Design Carnival 2017

Photo series shot at Jaipur Design Carnival (13th & 14th May 2017)

Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Shot by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Ace designer Manish Malhotra talking about his love for designing clothes & Bollywood.
That smile-When one of the media member asked about how his mother inspired him. (Also it was mother’s day)
During his interactive session with students of Pearl Academy.
Manish Malhotra with Ramalingam Seetharaman, director-Pearl Academy, Jaipur.
Nandita Abraham, CEO, Pearl Academy
Manish Malhotra with Nandita Abraham while appreciating student’s work at jewelry exhibition.


Candid moment.
Very graceful & gorgeous, Nandita Abraham.
Portrait-Craftman Hazarilal, Black Smithy.
Errol Pires Nelson teaching students the art of braiding.
“Talk of shining like stars and we Pearlites aim for the moon. An important affair – Pearl Academy’s very own Design Carnival hosted on May 13 – 14 was the perfect place to get a taste of innovation, direct insight to young minds with their work put up for discussions, taking up various interesting craft workshops and a lot more. The most ecstatic of them all being the theatrical act curated by the graduating batch of 2013-17 with their collections”.-Sonali Patel, graduating batch 2017.
Weaver at Jaipur Rugs workshop.
“It’s my first time in Jaipur & am very excited & happy with the kind of support Pearl Academy has shown in our craft Tangalia which is now a dying craft”- Baldev Bhai Rathod
The magical world of toys. Shot Lalon while he was having fun with his students during his Make & Learn Toys workshop.
Kavita Jain,  Facilitator of Lime Jaali workshop.
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“I always had passion for something fresh and unique which i got to see during Jaipur Design Carnival.  I like the idea of how students got inspired by things around them and expressed their ideas in an innovative way which unquestionably inspired me”. –Akansha Chauhan, Pearl Academy Alumni.
“Tangalia weaving is 700 years old craft from Gujarat & am happy to share this art with students at Jaipur Design Carnival”- Abhinav, Craftsperson, Tangalia.


Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Faculty-School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles at Pearl Academy.

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