Hippie Vibes- Pushkar Fair 2015


Want to live the 60s hippie culture now? Pushkar city of Rajasthan is the right place to re-live the 60s youth movement. From people in dreadlocks to tie-dye T-shirts you will find it all here. Special recommendation to visit the city during Pushkar Fair which generally happens in the month of November(this year the dates are 8th Nov to 15th Nov 2016).

This street Style photo story is about the tourists I captured in candid moments at Pushkar Fair 2015.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore


That shade of hair color is so verve.


I discovered a whole new culture out there which was young, free & full of madness.
Printed headbands & nose rings.


How beautifully this women has put together lace & florals & those dreadlocks are adding so much character to her look.


Images of indian gods & goddesses are very common on T-shirts in the market of Pushkar.


Metallic jewels with a floral head-piece.
Those printed bohemian skirts looks so cool with oversized kitschy bags.


At the end all I can say is I LOVE PUSHKAR & would love to spend more time in this city whenever I re-visit it.

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