Jaipur Art Summit 2015

Jaipur Art Summit is a 5 day art affair. It’s a distinctive art event which is a premier platform for budding artists who are into modern & contemporary art. With regular workshops going on for kids as well as adults this event was a must visit for all (whether art is your cup of tea or not).

Have a look at this photo story shot by me at the event.

Creative hands-Kid during paper mache workshop session
Art is not what you see, but you makes other see.-Edgar Degas
Paint the world
Every artis was first amateur-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now have a look at some of my favorite artwork at exhibition area.

Ganesha Graffiti by Jaipur artist.
Artist-Pawan Kumar Sharma. Used the popular images like water tank,indian gods to create something interesting. I am a big fan of kitsch vehicle art in India & absolutely loved this piece of art.
Art work by Sheetal Chitlangiya
Artist Shalini Anand. Am sure a lot of fashion and especially Burberry trench coat lovers would like to style their wall with this quirky art.
Hungarian artist Zsofia made an unique installation about weaving. Love the way she has presented the whole process in form of images and 3-D installation.
Artist Sanatan Saha



Art is never finished, only abandoned-Leonardo da Vinci

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